Crown and Bridge

Crown and Bridge

Our dental professionals here at Norton Dental Vaughan believe that the best dentistry is dentistry that you don’t notice at all. We take pride in providing beautiful aesthetic results that are indistiguishable from your natural smile. All procedures performed at Norton Dental Vaughan are based on functionality, affordablity and unprecedented artistry.

Our dentists construct dental crowns and dental bridges that effortlessly blend in with your natural smile. Quality dentistry is seemless. By providing dental restorations that look and feel natural, our patients never have to worry whether people are looking at their dental work rather than their smile.

A dental crown is a tooth restoration that covers the tooth above the gum line. Dental crowns are used to provide added stength and protection for teeth severely damaged by decay after root canal treatment. Teeth that are otherwise damaged, misshapen, cracked, or discolored may also be restored with a dental crown. A dental crown encompasses the entire tooth surface, unlike a dental veneer with only covers the front of a tooth and provides stability and strength for weakened teeth.

Dental crowns may be constructed from a variety of materials. Norton Dental Vaughan offers all patients affordable dental crowns expertly crafted to acheive the most natural looking results that both functional and long lasting.

A dental bridge is a tooth restoration used to replace a single tooth or several missing teeth. A dental bridge is made up of a prosthetic tooth connected in the middle of two dental crowns. The dental corwns are placed on the teeth next to the gap while the replacement tooth fills the once empty space.

Dental bridges can be constructed from several different materials and crafted to produce natural aesthetic looking results in every case.

Dental bridge problems and dental crown problems may result from improper oral hygiene. All dental restorations must be regularly cleaned to prevent bacteria from entering underneath the resotration and causing further damage. If your dental restoration have come loose or fallen out, this can be easily fixed by one our dentist here at Norton Dental Vaughan.

Dental crown cost and dental bridge cost is determined by the treatment area and the materials used. For more information please call tel’ to book your free consult today.