Holiday Sugar Reminder!



We love the holiday season! With all of the festivities, holiday parties and gatherings, it’s hard to avoid the sweets. We’re not saying to never indulge, just be careful not to over-consume sugar during this time of year. At Norton Dental Vaughan, we have a few sugar tips and reminders for you to keep in mind this holiday season!

Avoid chewy candies such as caramels or sticky toffees. This treat may hit your sweet spot, but is guaranteed to stay there for some time. When you eat a sticky or chewy candy, it stays in your mouth for quite some time after (even after you swallow it). This time provides bacteria with ample opportunity to consume the sugar and grow, contributing to the development of gum disease.

Avoid hard candies as they stay in your mouth for a long period of time. A hard candy dissolves in your mouth as you consume it, allowing the bacteria access to more sugar.

A few other sweet holiday treats to be careful of include drinks such as apple cider, hot chocolate and eggnog. All three of these beverages are popular during the holidays, but also contain high sugar levels, which are not ideal for a healthy smile! The increased consumption of sugar, significantly increases your risk of gum disease.

Be sure to keep up a good at-home oral hygiene routine, make healthy food and drink decisions and visit us at Norton Dental in Vaughan to keep your smile at it’s best. Wishing you and your family a happy holiday season!

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